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Quality Policy

JACRET Quality Policy

Since 1996, we have been ISO 9001 certified (initially for the impregnation of castings). This certification was guided by our constant concern to satisfy our customers and to improve our organisation


- The needs generated by an expanding market have led us to carry out an extensive research programme to become the world leader in the production of crashworthy methacrylate adhesives.

The maintenance of our position is the major axis of the strategy of the JACRET company. 


Our permanent objectives are : 


- To listen to customers and other relevant stakeholders to detect their needs, satisfy them with the best possible service, and feed our research programme to develop our product ranges 

- To produce the products resulting from this programme in accordance with the specifications defined, ensuring the best possible level of quality through the control of our manufacturing and inspection processes 

- To implement and maintain a strong CSR policy, in particular no use of CMR products in ADERIS technologies, reinforced protection of personnel and production site 

- To develop and perpetuate our company while preserving its independence 


To achieve this, we ask all our employees to take part in this project and to participate in its continuous improvement


Management JACRET - 2022

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